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How we work

We're international. Currently working remote, but we have several in-person offices in India and USA and more coming soon.

In SaaS Labs, you collaborate with others, own your projects and talk to clients. We see business problems, and through trial and experimentation, find the best solution possible.

What we

stand for

Open-mindedness and precision
We don't make assumptions – we create hypotheses and test them thoroughly. Our team is always searching for what works - and why it works.
Courage to break barriers
Together we test our ideas, rearrange solutions, get out of our comfort zone and, eventually, get to the perfect solution to a business problem.
Ownership mentality
We have trust in our autonomy, our skills and our decisions – success is within reach, and we'll work to make it happen.
Customer experience first
We care for our customers and want to change the way they work for the better. We're empathetic, organized and approachable.

Our perks

Competitive salary and bonuses – we pay 10% above the average market rate
Up to 2 months of paid vacation – because taking a rest is as important as working
10 weeks of parental leave – we want you to have a good home and work life
Flexible work hours – work when you are most productive and plan your daily schedule

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